The Closet of Discarded Dreams is a cornucopia of image and incident – a Dantean journey through a land where everyone’s dreams coexist. The book is an amazing gothic ziggurat, replete with eyeball kicks and well-powered by Rudy Ch. Garcia’s hypnotic stew of spanglo slanguage, wry, funny, and with mordant takes on Chicano life amidst the Anglos of these United States. At a metalevel, you might also say the book is about the author’s quest to dream it up. Spicy and satisfying.” – Rudy Rucker, author of The Ware Tetralogy, a cyberpunk founder and Philip K. Dick Award winner.

“A polyglot tornado of words, in which Magic Realism meets Punk and develops an Attitude. Dizzying!” – Eileen Gunn, Nebula Award winner.

“Garcia has created a crazy, raw, hilarious and often bizarre world in his debut novel. Don’t expect a peaceful summer read with this book. Garcia is an original new literary voice.” – Daniel A. Olivas, author of The Book of Want, editor of Latinos in Lotusland.

“From the opening line of Rudy Garcia’s captivating novel, it’s clear that we’re someplace new. And that’s where Garcia’s smooth prose takes us: to fresh and marvelous places, to unquiet and vibrant rooms that are not our own. These are good places to be for story, and more importantly for its readers.” – Teague von Bohlen, author of The Pull of the Earth, 2007 Colo. Book Award winner.

“A Chicano in Wonderland. Garcia stuffs pop culture and consumerism into his comic blender and hits the purée button.” – Mario Acevedo, best-selling author of the Felix Gomez series, Nymphos of Rocky Flats, & the graphic novel Killing the Cobra.

The Closet of Discarded Dreams is something new for the new millennium. A post-cyberpunk vision that captures the struggle for identity and reality that is growing up Chicano in the Information Age of colliding symbolism and exploding civilizations. It demonstrates how Chicano is a science fiction state of being. I hear rumors of an international Latino New Wave in speculative fiction. The Closet of Discarded Dreams is a powerful example of what this new subgenre can become.” – Ernest Hogan, author of Cortez on Jupiter and Smoking Mirror Blues.

“Garcia’s incredible leap of imagination takes us to an entertainingly bizarre world of dream people before tapping into something innately human. The search for meaning.” – Warren Hammond, author of KOP, Ex-KOP and KOP Killer.


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