Gardening, landscaping and making furniture–what do they have to do with fiction writing? Read the story, see the pics, and maybe you’ll enjoy them as much as they inspired me.

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A review of my Closet of Discarded Dreams novel. By Risingshadow, one of the largest science fiction and fantasy book databases, run by dedicated speculative fiction fans for other bookworms. They’re giving away a free paperback copy –shipping incl.–and there’s only 2 days left! Even if you have it, win another to use as a gift.

The review:

The give-away:

My novel, The Closet of Discarded Dreams was reviewed by the Finnish SF/F webzine, Rising Shadow. The review is in English, and maybe later in Finnish. Not the first time I hit Europe–I had two short stories published in anthologies in Romania, in English, and another short story won a contest in Britain, at AlternateSpecies. Here, reviewer Seregil explains more reasons for reading a Chicano alternate-world fantasy. Stay tuned–they’ll have a contest to win a free copy.