Posts here on my novel’s website have been meager-to-missing for quite a while.

My “excuse” is finishing three books. A middle-grade children’s fantasy, The Sleeping Love. A YA fantasy novella, The Enigma of the Grandest Gardener of Texcoco. And my prequel to The Closet, which I call, Bruised hearts, mended dreams.

It’s not a very good excuse, since I had responsibilities to my readers, but I’ll try to do better now.

I sent Sleeping Love out.

I’ll send Enigma out this week.

I’ll be rewriting Bruised this month.

After I polish a SF/F short story called, Fatherly love, dragonly luck and submit it to an anthology.

My negligence with this website no doubt cost me followers. Will make it up to you who are still following by giving you passages of WIPs. Also, relevant La Bloga posts that might be of interest.



This was too long to Tweet and is in my latest YA fantasy.

A teen’s poem about the anguish of young people facing global warming, endless wars, economic dystopia in their futures, etc.

“My toy world’s broken.

My buddies tears bleed.

Our natural dreams twisted,

Drowned in a smog of ugly End.


For kids to still make-believe,

To giggle and glow,

Our future’s not just now.

Our forever’s now,

crying for. . . .”


Gracias, RudyG

Final draft of new YA latino fantasy. About abused kickass girl, nerdy guy; edgy, high concept, funny? Is Mundo ready for it?