Without you, this fantastical, Latino anthology may never breathe or be read. Each year, many are printed. Nearly 0–ZERO–feature Imaginative Latino tales. It’s Censorship of Exclusion. Tired of the same-ole, just-Anglos stories? Then grab your Chile Picosísimo and change U.S. lit into something más picante!

The anthology “Latino/a Rising” is called “the 1st collection of U.S. Latino/a sci-fi, fantasy and other speculative fiction.” 45% of funds have been pledged. But you have time to give life-saving support.

“Like”ing and “Share”ing this is simple and positive. Yes, pledging a bit of your money requires more, but it means Mucho Más. You add the power and spirit of your name to a brown-red-black-and-white wave of radical thought. Join others who are birthing a Progressive Future of Inclusion.

I won’t say, “Please donate to the needy.” I’ll suggest, spice up your bookshelf and bin of gifts. $12 secures you at least an E-book. And puts female and male Latino authors in a deserved place. Out front, on the shelves, in the face of the Excluders. Thank your for your time reading this.



Posts here on my novel’s website have been meager-to-missing for quite a while.

My “excuse” is finishing three books. A middle-grade children’s fantasy, The Sleeping Love. A YA fantasy novella, The Enigma of the Grandest Gardener of Texcoco. And my prequel to The Closet, which I call, Bruised hearts, mended dreams.

It’s not a very good excuse, since I had responsibilities to my readers, but I’ll try to do better now.

I sent Sleeping Love out.

I’ll send Enigma out this week.

I’ll be rewriting Bruised this month.

After I polish a SF/F short story called, Fatherly love, dragonly luck and submit it to an anthology.

My negligence with this website no doubt cost me followers. Will make it up to you who are still following by giving you passages of WIPs. Also, relevant La Bloga posts that might be of interest.